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Picture of a color wrapped car with the Movin Ads and WrapKings Logo which is a division of Mohawk Chevrolet

Can an Installation be 45 Minutes? 


The Wrap Kingz of MovinAds understands the importance of getting your vehicle out on the road ASAP. After all, vehicle graphics are the "Best Marketing on the Planet!" While many shops need your vehicle for an entire day or more, It is our goal to get you on the road in 45 minutes or less. 

Introducing two pristine white Silverados Z71s, expertly sourced from Mohawk Chevrolet for the esteemed Vermont Mechanical. These robust vehicles, known for their unmatched performance, now don a swift 45-minute installation wrap, curtesy of the adept Movin Ads Wrap Kings, a notable division of Mohawk Chevrolet. Each side of these trucks boasts clear, professional lettering, emphasizing Vermont Mechanical’s brand presence and their commitment to top-tier mechanical solutions. With the speed and precision of Movin Ads Wrap Kings’ wrapping technique, these Silverados were road-ready in record time, showcasing the prowess of both the vehicles and the wrapping team. Whether on a job site or on the move, these trucks from Mohawk Chevrolet, adorned with impeccable wraps, ensure Vermont Mechanical’s visibility and prominence in every avenue.
Two white Business truck with a 45 minute wrap on them.

Do you Qualify for a 45 minute installation?

  • Is it

    • Spot Graphic- It can be a logo, image, or graphic that stands out from the vehicle's base color.

    •  Vehicle panel -flat surfaces on a vehicle, such as the doors, hood, roof, or sides, that are utilized for vinyl wrapping.

    • Lettering- Text-based elements created using vinyl material and applied onto the vehicle's surface. Lettering includes company names, slogans, contact information, or any other written content that communicates a specific message.

Movinads luke potter putting on a 45 minute installation on a Chevrolet Camaro with white glove. Luke is a white male with a green shirt and a tattoo with a chain on his neck and white gloves on his hands.

How do we do it??

  • Proofs and layouts can be done through email.

  • Our "Top of the Line" equipment prepares your graphics ahead of time.

  • We have "State of the Art" Vehicle Templates.

  • No need to bring your vehicle ahead of time in most cases.

  • Our Certified Installers are ready to install the moment you arrive.​​

Luke Potter a Professional certified 3M installer placing a graphic on a Camaro
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