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What is a Vehicle Wrap?
 What is the process? 

Movin Ads Wrap Kings Crafts Brilliance: Welding Business Branding on a Cargo Van by Mohawk Chevrolet
Chimney Heroes Van Transformation: A Signature Wrap by Movin Ads, a Division of Mohawk Chevrolet
Ballard and Son Contruction Trailer Wrap
Movin Ads a division of Mohawk chevrolet wrappedlandscaping truck

Transforming a Vehicle with Moving Ads Professional Graphics and Installation. 

high Varietyof vinly choices from Movin ads rolled up and hanigin on the wall.

What is a Vehicle Wrap?

Welcome to the world of Vinyl Vehicle Graphics!

In its simplest form, a vehicle graphic is a surface-safe, massive industrial, super-tough sticker on your ride. Crafted from top-quality, durable vinyl, vehicle wraps are "the Best marketing on the plant"

We take your vehicle wrap seriously, which is why we're proud to offer an array of premium 3M types of vinyl. Think of them as the A-list celebs of the vinyl world, each with their own superpowers of conformability and pliability. They bend, stretch, and adapt to any curve or contour, ensuring a flawless fit for your unique set of wheels.

Vehicle Wrapping Preparation

  • Graphic Creation: We start with a customized graphic confirmed by the customer

  • Graphic Printing: We cut the graphic with one of our state-of-the-art cutters and software

  • Graphic Prep: Then we trim and prep the vinyl to get ready for installation


3 characteristics of a Great Wrap!

1. Visually Appealing

2. Easy to understand in under 5 sec

3. Easy to find contact

Understanding these three fundamentals of vehicle wraps is our professional specialty when creating your customized vehicle wrap. 

Top quality Vinyl  Certfied?

When it comes to the vinyl competition there are two top companies. 3M and Avery battle it out and both can easily be named number one, so we have certified installers with both manufacturers.

Vehicle Installation Preparation

  • Vehicle  Cleaning: MovinAds ensures proper vinyl adhesion by meticulously removing road grime, wax, and foreign matter from your vehicle.

  • Vehicle Trim Considerations: We may temporarily remove non-essential vehicle trim like badges, tail lights, headlights, and license plates during vinyl installation, which is reinstalled afterward.

  • Vehicle Wrap Installation: Depending on the Graphic, we will make sure you have clear expectations of how long the wrap will take. Some Wrap installations could take only 45 minutes. 

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